Map out your company's next move

Location Intelligence for the next gen of marketers
Give yourself some powerful insights and bring your data to life.

Get to know the market from a new perspective!

Geometric is a location-intelligence tool that effortlessly – and affordably - connects companies to their consumers. In real time. And, through hyper-precise data, visually guides them through their behaviors, patterns, and consumptions. This allows marketing and sale professionals, to map out their next super smart business move and to succeed their campaigns. It’s like market research without the market research part.

Let your consumers’ behavior be your edge

Stay ahead of the market while learning about it

Inject intelligence into location, location, location

A little goes a long way

Choose from 3 simple pricing plans to best serve your company.



Map out your next move.
Your market study for free.


Billed Monthly.
Import your data, discover your audience


Personalised reports.
Connect to CRM for real time data

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